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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visit from a Bear

A visit from a bear is both wondrous and annoying. One came by early this morning and got into our "bear-proof" garbage shed, pulled out two containers full of garbage in white kitchen bags, picked one out and dragged it away. Bears like to eat in what they consider a quiet little bistro, a place with lots of brush and shrubs where they can't be seen. Today is the day that garbage is picked up and the bears know it.

We live in black bear habitat in downtown Juneau on the lower slope of Mt. Roberts and this is the first bear sign I have seen this summer. Bears are quiet creatures and pad silently through the streets looking for food. We have city ordinances about garbage (hence the "bear-proof" shed) and public trash receptacles that are pretty tough to get into. However, bears are very strong, and if hungry, very determined. It is early yet and they probably aren't desperately hungry.

Despite the annoyance, I like to live near bears and see them (from a distance) because it reminds me that there is a wildness in me too.


  1. Hi Bridget. Nice blogging! Keep it up!! lisa

  2. Wow, my first comment! Thanks for taking a look, Lisa!